IGR Business Division

Thank you for your visiting at our website about our business based on international electrical standards in Korea.

The Jaeshininfo Co., Ltd have first developed the newest patented products called the IGR ELB (Earth Leakage Breaker) or RCD(Residual Current Device) which operates sensitively against resistive(effective) factor of IGR (resistive earth leakage current) but ot so much against capacitive(non-effective) factor of IGC(capacitive earth leakage current) in the world.

And we can measure the IGR current on appliances which are live-powered at low AC voltage line, and calculate insulation resistance using our patented IGR Analyzer. Thus one can analyze the problem of power line or electric and electronic equipments.

The aim of our company is to ensure human safety, and to protect properties and to prevent fire breakerouts from AC leakage current. So we can highly enhance the safety of human and properties!

Power Quality and Battery Monitoring Business Division
We also provide very economical power quality monotoring and analyzing tools using the standard type PQube made by PSL(

And we have developed battery cell monitoring and diagnostic tools with LEM's ( sentinel cell sensors in Korea, so that we are ready to export BCM system with our Cellook software programmed by web2.0.

We sincerely wish to establish a good relationship with our customers and to pursue mutual profits. Jaeshininfomation Co., Ltd